Settle Less, Demand More!



Online Course Creator and Fat Loss Trainer

Anna Wasag is a Personal Development and Performance Coach to both her online and in person clients.  She inspires her followers across all social media platforms to Settle Less and demand more of  themselves in their physical, spiritual and financial circumstances. She empowers people all over the  world to live their lives on their own terms unapologetically by guiding them to their higher self through  her online digital course “GO TRUST YOURSELF!”, her weekly “Settle Less Podcast” show, free  meditations and tapping sessions as well as her free daily content distributed across social media  channels.  

Her main mission for “Settle Less” is to help people realize their true potential and personal power  through self-mastery via the physical and spiritual.  

Combining her background in personal fitness training, mental health studies, deep knowledge and  understanding of law of attraction and spiritual energetic laws Anna teaches and embodies how to  cultivate habits that are conducive and in alignment with what you desire. Anything can be done and  accomplished when steps are taken daily from your highest self! She is not your typical “fitness coach”.  

In February 2020, Anna packed everything up into her car and made the decision to leave her comforts  behind in Chicago as she pursued living in a city she has not once visited prior- San Diego. She trusted  her inner guidance. Her “Settle Less” mentality has also led her to build the body of her dreams, not  settling for what she was deeply dissatisfied with.  

She credits her personal successes to her sheer Settle Less mentality, discipline, commitment, a deep  desire to be of service to others and unwavering belief in her own inner guidance system- her intuition. 

Anna currently resides in San Diego and is on a mission to spread the Settle Less mentality far and wide  all while living a life of freedom, peace and expansion. Follow along for the journey! 

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